What We Do

Play, Learn, Change

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We give young people the chance to play new games, learn the rules and how to win, so that they can take the lead,  change the rules and create new games...

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Our Games

  • Our games draw on theatre, sport and boardgame practices to get young people active and aware.
  • Our games coach young people to understand how choices have consequences. 
  • Our games develop young people as team players, critical thinkers and creative individual who can play the game, learn the game and change the game. 

Schools and Young People's Clubs 

Games provide a safe yet exciting arena in which young people, under the guidance of our coaches, can explore their decisions and actions. Games provide the instant feedback young people crave and Game Change Leaders utilises this to develop young people's awareness of themselves, the decisions they make and the consequences of their actions, all whilst playing games! 

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Seriously playful, focused fun that helps young people develop themselves as team players, critical thinkers and creative individuals.