What people say about us:

“Game Change Leaders provide sessions that are a great way to help young people enjoy learning and experience learning in a new way.”
Tina Ashby, teacher

"I have gained confidence in participating during the sessions. Not only have I used the things I have learnt from the sessions, I have also used them in school lessons."
Louis, year 7 student

“It really has made a difference in my son's confidence in everyday situations."
Mrs Hunter, parent

"It makes my daughter feel good about herself, which I feel is really important."
Mrs Hatfield, parent

"My son thoroughly enjoys it. He has never not wanted to come to the sessions, unlike piano, swimming, football etc."
Mrs Darwin, parent

"It is an activity where he mixes with children that he does not see all the time. He goes because he wants to, not because he has to. It is an activity that widens his experience of life and one that he enjoys."
Mrs Jennings, parent

"When I started Game Change Leaders I was not confident at all but I have never participated as much as a I do now. I have gained confidence in telling others my ideas and enjoy using my imagination in nearly every game I play."
Priya, year 7 student