Game Change Leaders in Schools 

If some of your young people aren't responding to teaching then Game Change Leaders would encourage you to take a coaching approach!

Our games engage young people because they are "seriously playful"; young people want to play, they want to "win", but success only comes through making the right decisions. We use games to get young people to think about themselves, the decisions they make, the actions they take and the consequences; not just in relation to games but school and beyond. 

Many young people do not realise that school is an opportunity... 

game change leaders coaching schools youth clubs

...and without coaching some are unlikely to do so until the opportunity has passed.

Our games encourage young people to play, learn and change, not just the games but themselves and their opportunities. Through playing they learn, through learning they reflect, and through reflection they change. Play, learn, change isn't just our mantra, it's our methodology and our mission.