Leadership Levels

game change leaders coaching

Every year we award certificates to participants who have achieved their potential as Game Change Leaders. There are three Levels which come with increasing degrees of responsibility. 

Level 1: "Undergraduate"

Undergraduates are young people who have attended sessions in the GCL programme for a sustained period (e.g. 1 academic year) and have proven their ability to participate and contribute to  workshops. They are usually Key Stage 2 or 3.

Level 2: " Graduate"

Graduates are young people who have already achieved Level 1 and have also proven their ability to lead and deliver workshops with mentoring from a Master. They are usually Key Stage 3 or higher.

Level 3: "Master"

Masters are young adults who have the proven ability to design and deliver the GCL coaching programme. They are usually at a later stage in their educational journey such as Sixth Form or University.